Trash Hazard
Season One, Episode Four
Air date November 7, 2010
Written by Chris O'Neill

Sean Kiely

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Trash Hazard is the fourth Leo & Satan Episode.


Satan finds a Ouija board in Mrs. Bovrikov's trash and Satan communicates with a demon named Ron.


In the beginning of the episode, Leo and Satan are shown in bed. Leo awakes first and goes to wake up Satan. After awakening Satan, a loud noise is heard from outside. It turns out their neighbor, Mrs. Bovrikov, is throwing out what appears to be board games. Satan says he’ll use “stealth” to steal it and runs outside, stealing it right in right in front of her as she stands there in confusion, and runs back into the bedroom through the window. Leo makes a lame pun, but Satan tells him “shut the fuck up Leo”

The stolen game turns out to be a ouija board and Leo and Satan begin to use it. They contact a demon named Ron, who terrorizes Leo as Satan continues to ask questions. Ron ultimatley posseses Leo. Satan gets rid of Ron with (ironicly) the power of Christ compels you.

Ron leaves Leo and Satan rests Leo in his claws, which kills Leo. A greiving Satan and Esquire cry over Leo's death. The episode ends after the credits with Leo returning from Hell via trap door on the bedroom floor, scaring Satan.


  • Chris and Sean were asked out some old nigga by their reps to make this as a pilot to be pitched to various networks. They tried making the humor more paced and tried giving Leo and Satan more character, but ultimately forgot the important things that made Leo and Satan funny. This episode to them is a failed experiment.
  • The character Mrs. Bovrikov is introduced in this episode.
  • This was intended to be the series' Halloween episode.