Pancake Doomsday
Season One, Episode One
Pancake Doomsday Titlecard
Air date February 21, 2010
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Algebra Aversion
Pancake Doomsday is the unofficial first episode of Leo & Satan made by Chris O'Neill and Sean Kiely.

The episode is merely a pilot for Algebra Aversion and is just a mere 20 seconds long. It involves Leo asking Satan to put sugar on his pancakes, to which Satan replies "Here's some sugar for yo's pancakes!" Satan then puts too much sugar on and after being shouted at by Leo to stop, replies his catchphrase "You asked for it!".


  • Leo: Hey Satan, can you, can you put some sugar on those pancakes fo' me?
  • Satan: Here's some sugar fo' yo's pancakes.
  • Leo: Oh Satan that's too much sugar!
  • Satan: You asked for it!

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Leo and Satan - Pancake Doomsday

Leo and Satan - Pancake Doomsday