your a sleep in a far far far dusty place the rain is coming and the snow will consume the area that you are in.the winter is going to be very will buy you a cell phone are make your own invented one by scratch with you leo and a certain time your cell phone will be stolen so you will make report and then do not deactivate it so the grimming grime crunk can be will then make a stronger cell phone or buy another and then if it gets stolen, it will be reported too but not all times you report all cell phones stolen, but one on the list because you are mainly talking about that one that was stolen, that day and any way the ones before were reported to a satan officer with a big ass.ass is biblical and in the bible so i don't consider it bad unless there are words to follow and especially if it is to hurt a innocent person and rememeber leo and satan that to learn the rules of the phone will have many blankets and a cool umberella of your will then find land and build a tribe a will build that tent in to woodstuck the chicken loop head-the floor too are sew plastic around a regular tent or army tent and put a board in it and sew plactic inside.use the leo and satan water proof spray to spray the tent outside but make sure you get the corners foresure .there should be four two should learn every trick and tool there is for a cell phone.make sure if you make one to be invented -created- evolutionize and more that it is of your-the blueprint fine draw should be to the are to get you chair to sit outside and a food kit and outside oven.but don't cook after you just sprayed the tent.funny funny this should be funny but many treasures of leo and satan should come out of this and when it does you bring it to got it leo and satan.gracious.stephanie diane curry.awesome.. ps.dont forget your coats that you wear during the winter coming.amen.stephanie curry