Leo & Satan Wiki
Leo & Satan

Format :

Flash animation

Created By :

Chris O'Neill
Sean Kiely

Written By :

Chris O'Neill
Sean Kiely

Produced By :

Chris O'Neill
Sean Kiely

Directed By :

Chris O'Neill

Starring :

Chris O'Neill
Sean Kiely

Animated By :

Chris O'Neill
Zach Hadel

Distibution :

Demonvault (Season 2 - present)

Leo and Satan is an animated series created by Sean Kiely and Chris O'Neill for Newgrounds and Youtube, and later, Chris' Website, Demonvault.com. The series is about a boy named Leo living with his friend Satan and having wacky (and messed up) adventures with him.


Chris O'Neill (animator, music composer, actor, writer, co-creator, storyboard supervisor, director, sound effect supervisor, character designer, producer, executive producer, editor) 2010 - present

Sean Kiely ( writer, co-creator, actor, storyboard supervisor, producer, executive producer) 2010 - Present

Zach Hadel (co-animator) - 2011 - Present

Potential Television Version[]

In September 2010, O' Neill was approached by TV executives to bring the show to TV. It was pitched to various networks and was later rejected. In June 2011, O' Neil announced that the Studio 6 Point Harness; known for animating The Drawn Together Movie and Dick Figures, was interested in animating episodes. It turned out (according to Chris O'Neills Newgrounds Account) that the studio didn't turn out to work well, so Chris & Sean hired Zach Hadel (a personal friend of Chris) to do the bulk of the animation with Chris. Chris & Sean went back to Los Angeles to re-pitch the series, MTV expressed an interest in the concept. No further information has yet been announced.

The End of Leo and Satan []

On Oney's facebook page he said that he would no longer make Leo and Satan on his fan page on facebook , it is now cancelled.


Season 1[]

2010 - 2011

Season 2[]

2011 - present

Special Episodes[]