Gender Male
Age 80s
Occupation Sex Offender, Pedophile
Voiced by Zach Hadel
First Leo Goes to School

Eugene O'Happyhands (voiced by Zach Hadel) is an elderly sex offender who made his first Leo and Satan cameo appearance in Leo Goes to School. He is also the main character in the flash animated series "Eugene" that was also created by Zach Hadel.


Eugene was first mentioned when Esquire tries to contact him by calling the Operator. He then showed up at MotelSex for Leo's suprise birthday party. Eugene initially appeared to be nude, as the rest of his body below his waist was covered by the wall beneath the window he looked out of. However, it turned out he was indeed wearing pants.

Eugene was thought to have died following an accident at an American Independance Day firework celebration, where his foot got caught on a rope that was tied to a "big-ass" firework, and he ascended with the firework and died in the explosion. However, somehow he managed to survive.