Battery Catastrophe
Season One, Episode Five
Air date April 14, 2011
Written by Chris O'Neill

Sean Kiely

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Battery Catastrophe is the fifth Leo & Satan episode.


Leo and Satan must retrieve their video game controler's batteries from under the couch.


After returning from Hell in the events of Trash Hazard, Leo is in the mood for video games.

He plays his favorite video game, Stranger Danger, a game where the player controls a child running from a pedophile with a lolipop. Satan watches Leo play the game, making loud moments. Leo says that he is on his last life and that tells Satan “shut up and let me focus“. Satan, seeming offended, purposely knocked the controller out of his hands.

The controller hits the floor, causing the batteries to roll under the couch. Satan apoligizes and Leo accepts his apology. Satan tries to retrive the batteries, but his claws wont fit under the couch. Leo goes to retrive the batteries as Satan sees he caught a condom on his claws.

Leo also fails, so Satan suggests that he lifts the couch. Leo tells Satan that he would rip the couch if he did that and he would get into trouble with his sister.

The pedophile on the game catches the child character. Leo and Satan begin to freak out as the game is being lost. In panic, Satan rips his hands into the couch and grabs the batteries out. Leo begins to panic as he sees that Satan ripped the couch. 

The pressure on Satan becomes too much, out of the stress he transforms into his large demonic form and opens up Hell in the middle of the living room. Leo is hanging on the edge of the firey abyss when Esquire offers to save him. Leo slips before he can take Esquire's hand and falls into Hell.

Leo lands saftley on the couch and finds the batteries on the bottom of Hell. He sees Satan in his large, demonic, form and asks him if he is still up for video games. Satan crushes Leo with his hand and the episode ends.


  • This episode had a different opening sequence than the others as it continued the end of Trash Hazard where Leo goes to hell.
  • This is the first episode to not contain profanity.
  • This is the fourth "true" episode of Leo and Satan.
  • Leo's Sister is mentioned again in this episode.
  • This episode promotes Leo & Satan merchandise.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Esquire is shown sleeping infront of Leo's house. It's assumed that Esquire uses Leo's yard as a permanent home.
  • This is the only episode where Hell is seen outside of the intro.


Leo and Satan - Battery Catastrophe

Leo and Satan - Battery Catastrophe