Algebra Aversion
Season One, Episode Two
Air date March 14, 2010
Written by Chris O'Neill

Sean Kiely

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Algebra Adversion is the second episode of Leo & Satan.


Satan tries to help Leo with his algebra homework.


Leo is complaining to Satan why people need to put socks on, as they are so difficult to put on. Satan gives a tear jerking explanation, ending with the fact that fallen angels like himself have no feet to put socks on. Leo, in an attempt to cheer him up, suggests that he put socks on his horns instead, Satan has a violent mood swing and gives a horrifying roar before calmly replying "Socks are for your feet, silly". Leo, frightened shitless, tries to escape the situation by telling Satan that he's going to go do his homework for tomorrow, and Satan manages to foil Leo's escape by offering his help with the math homework, the aforementioned algebra problem. Leo, knowing he can't escape this offer, replies "Gee, Satan,
Before you can say

Satan will help you with that math faster than you could say...

that would be t-t-terrific!"

Leo shows Satan the troubling problem, saying that it's almost as hard as his sister's miscarriage, to which Satan replies "Don't worry little boy, Satan will help you with that homework faster than you could say *three unintelligible demonic growls*, okay?" Satan looks at the algebra problem (46x by 87y over the square root of

90) and has a mental breakdown, reading it over 3 times each more angry, and shouts "This is fuckin' impossible! How the fuck can it be over the square root of NINETY?". Leo tells him to calm down it’s just some algebra, but Satan freaks out and enlarges himself into a huge demon creature, and declares Algebra a nemesis, telling it to suck his balls. After Satan cools off, Leo figures out the problem, with the answer being 666. Satan turns to Leo with a grunt, grabs him and bursts through the wall, flying away as the episode ends.


  • Despite Leo having homework in this episode, He claims that he never went to school as seen in Leo Goes to School. This raises many questions amongst the fans. One could argue that this episode takes place after Leo Goes to School.
  • This episode is the first "True" episode of Leo & Satan due to actually have a storyline, unlike Pancake Doomsday.

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